Friday’s the day for Park City and Summit County residents to show how much they love local nonprofits.The Park City Community Foundation’s fifth annual Live PC Give PC is a day of fundraising that starts at midnight and ends at midnight. During that time, the public can donate by visiting and searching for their favorite nonprofit.

Park City Community Foundation Executive Director Katie Wright said Live PC Give PC is designed to give all nonprofits, big and small, a chance to raise some money.

“This fits in with our three goals, which is to support nonprofits, endow our community’s future and achieve long-term gains,” Wright said. “Live PC Give PC meets those goals by raising revenue for nonprofits, raising awareness of all the different nonprofits in the area and connecting nonprofits with new donors. And we have been successful with the last category, because there may be someone who has a passion about an issue and may not be connected with a nonprofit that is currently working on that issue, and Live PC Give PC helps connect them.”

This year, 86 organizations are hoping to feel the love, said Ollie Wilder, programs manager for the Park City Community Foundation.

“That’s up from 73 nonprofits that participated last year,” Wilder said. “We’re eager to include all the nonprofits who want to participate, which also brings in more interested people and donors.

This kind of growth exceeded all expectations when Live PC Give PC debuted in 2010.

“We have a very generous and fun-loving community who supports our nonprofit organizations,” Wright said. “As I look across the country and see how these types of giving days have started in other areas, in comparison, our small population raises a lot more money. We’re proud of the program and so happy that the community steps up year after year and uses this day to celebrate nonprofits.”

To date, the Park City Community Foundation has raised $2.8 million, total, Wilder said.

“Last year we raised $1,035,000,” he said. “That was up from $800,000 or so the year before. So, you can see the growth.”

This year, the goal is to raise $1,234, 567.

“We know this goal is ambitious and having a few more nonprofits participating will help,” Wilder said.

One way Wilder hopes will get people to give is through matching grants.

“We encourage all the nonprofits to raise these grants from donors who will match one-for-one donations,” he said. “We believe that these grants are great incentive to get people to donate more.”

As another way to further participation, nonprofits will be competing for a variety of prizes.

“We have different mission-related leader boards this year and the top three nonprofits of each of these leader boards will win cash prizes that are kindly funded by Live PC Give PC sponsors,” Wilder said. “The placements on the leader boards are based on the number of donors, not the total of funds, the nonprofit gets on that day.”

The leader boards categories are as follows:

All nonprofits.

Protect the Places We Play, sponsored by, and includes nonprofits that preserve the outdoors.

Caring for Each Other, sponsored by Tesoro Foundation, which includes nonprofits that deal essentially with health, human services and animals.

Keep on Moving, sponsored by SNOCRU, is all about sports and recreational organizations

Lighting Up Lives and Minds lists education and arts nonprofits

The cash prizes for the All Nonprofits leader board is $2,500 for first place, $1,500 for second and $1,000 for third and the other leader board winners will get $1,250 for first place, $750 for second and $500 for third, according to Wilder.

“A nonprofit can only win one of the leader board categories,” he said. “So there will be 15 organizations that will win some sort of prize.”

To celebrate and raise awareness of Live PC Give PC, a slew of other nonprofit volunteers will be out in the community, on the streets and in local businesses with laptops, iPads and tablets to solicit donations. Representatives for the Park City Community Foundation will be at the High West Distillery all day tallying up donations.

“Online giving is something that young people participate in,” Wright said. “Getting the young to jump in and participate in philanthropy is important, because we feel that if people do that by the age of 20, there is a good chance that they will continue to do it over the course of their lifetime.”

On Friday, Nov. 6, the Park City Community Foundation will host Live PC Give PC, a day of fundraising that will benefit all of the Park City’s and Summit County’s nonprofit organizations. The donations will be accepted from midnight to midnight. For more information or to donate, visit